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  frequently-asked questions  
Can the visitors photograph the museum space or the works exhibited?

They cannot. The taking of photographs in the interior of the Museum is forbidden to the visitors. The acquisition of images of pieces from the Museum collections can, notwithstanding, be requested of the services of the IPM. The regulation governing the concession of images (“Regulamento para a execução, reprodução e aquisição de fotografias e de bens culturais dos museus”) is available in http://www.patrimoniocultural.pt/pt/
Is the whole museum accessible to the circulation of people who move in wheelchairs?

Yes. All exhibition and welcoming spaces are accessible to visitors who move in wheelchairs. The Museum has wheelchairs, which may be borrowed for the duration of the visit, subject to previous request in the reception or booking.
Is the museum equipped with Braille subtitles or signalised circuits and maps for the blind?

No. The Museum does not have subtitles of the pieces in Braille nor signalised circuits and maps for the blind. It does not have a guidebook to the collection in Braille either. It is expected, nevertheless, that for some projects of temporary exhibitions, or of the educational services, it will be produced some documentation in Braille or appropriate to the blind.
Does the museum have audio-guides?

No. It is expected, nevertheless, that some projects of temporary exhibitions may have audio-guides.

When is the Museum closed?

In accordance with the legislation in force, the closing periods common to the museums under the tutelage of the DGPC are: Mondays, Easter Sunday, 1st May, 25th December and 1st January. As a rule, it is open every holiday, except the ones mentioned above. To learn about its opening hours we recommend that you look on the respective page in this site.

Is there any way to obtain reductions in the entrance fees?

No. Reductions or even free admittance are, nevertheless, authorized in the following cases:

Free Admittance:
- 1st Sunday of each month. Exclusive for individual visits and small groups up to 12 people. All elements of groups over 12 people must pay
- Children up to 12 years old *
- Visitors in a situation of unemployment residing in the European Union *
- Visitors with reduced mobility (60% of incapacity) and 1 accompanying person *
- ICOM, ICOMOS and APOM members *
- Investigators, conservators, museology and/or heritage professionals when exercising *
- Cultural associations (exclusively for members of associative friend groups of museums, monuments, palaces, catles and archaeological sites) *
- Volunteers working with Direção-Geral do Património Cultural (DGPC) and 1 accompanying person *
- European Heritage Days (Sunday)
- International Day for Monuments and Sites (18th of April, exclusively for monuments under tutelage of DGPC)
- International Museum Day (18th of May, exclusively for museums and palaces under tutelage of DGPC)
- Night of Museums and Thursdays at Night (access of activities organized within the programme developed by DGPC)
- Tourism accredited professionals *
- Journalists at work with previous notification *
- Teachers and students of any grade, including Senior Universities, while in proven study visit by previous reservation *
- DGPC workers and 3 accompanying people *
- Accredited groups from Portuguese Social Solidarity Institutions or of Social Action Areas belonging to local municipalities or other institutions of public interest with prior permission from DGPC

% Reduction:
- Visitors with or over 65 years old *
- Student's Card when not in study visits *
- Youth Card *
- Family Ticket (from 4 members with first degree relationship or equivalent)
- Protocols with third parties *


* Valid ID or proof of entitlement required

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