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Galician-Lusitanian warrior
provenance: Outeiro Lezenho. Boticas. Vila Real
chronology: 2nd Iron Age
typology: Statue of a Galician warrior
dimension: height 207 cm (81 ⅜ in.) width 61 cm (24 7/64 in.) thickness 30 cm (11 3/4 in.)
category: Sculpture
inventory number: E 3397


Sculptured monolith, depicting the figure of a warrior in hieratic posture. He is wearing a short-sleeved "sagum" with a "V" shaped low neck, fastened by a waistband with four parallel ridges. His head is proportionate, with short hair that frees the ears, beard and moustache. It shows all of his attributes, either bellic: such as a small, round and flat shield ("caetra") with umbo, decorated with type "labyrinth" motives, fastened to the left hand by belts crossed at the forearm and in his right hand he holds a short, triangular dagger with a discoid pommel, inserted in a sheath with circular profiled butt and transversal lines from probable bars: or honorific (regalia), around the neck he is wearing an open looped "torc" and on each arm an armlet ("viriae") with three rods (According to Armando Coelho, op. cit).


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Vessel with cardial decoration Portrait head of a young woman - Julia (empress) Krater Torc Galician-Lusitanian warrior

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