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provenance: Vilas Boas. Vila Flor. Bragança
chronology: 2nd Iron Age
typology: Gold torc
dimension: 5.6 cm (2 ⅛ in.) thickness 1.8 cm (⅝ in.) length 22 cm (8 ⅝ in.) weight 380.4g
category: Jewellery
inventory number: Au 567


Gold torc with tripartite hoop and double scotia terminals with decoration. The tripartite hoop is divided in three segments, a middle one and two terminal ones intermingled with two small cages made of two consistent wires, one of them bent in winding, the other in zigzag that overlap crossing in such a way that a sphere, which moves freely inside it, cannot get out. The hoop is tubular with a regular square section; the external surfaces are flat and decorated and the internal ones are traversed by a deep “repoussé” groove. The central segment shows the external surfaces entirely decorated with filigree that has a motive composed of two double wires, which cross interlacing aligned spherules in successive plies forming lozenges in its mesial area, filling in the entire decoration ground, peripherically limited by cord fillets. The same lateral segment surfaces are decorated with two symmetric bands limited outside by funicular fillets and inside by a winding, enchained and overlapped “SS” line with rough fine powder between the internal “SS” and the peripheric cord. The terminals are voluminous and hollow, soldered and fixed to the hoop, shaped in double scotia, framed by circular grooves on the base at the mesial area and with decorated bases. The decoration of the lower bases consists of a"repoussé” crown, circled by several stamped, double concentric semicircles composed of small parallel lines with a small circle with central puncturing printed on the inside. The upper bases show a circular crown ornamented by thirteen chained "SS" limiting a space with rough fine powder and on whose inside, over a conical cavity, there is an ornithomorphic motive depicting the stylized figure of a duck (which is constituted by a double indented blade hemmed by simple and twisted threads with spherules marking the eyes and wings) soldered and oriented to the centre, facing each other. [According to Armando Coelho, in "A Cultura Castreja do Noroeste de Portugal"(The Castrum Culture of Northwestern Portugal)].


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