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Educational Service and Cultural Extension Sector

The Educational Service and Cultural Extension Sector, with the support of the Group of Friends of the National Archaeological Museum (GAMNA), develops and promotes, in the field of permanent and temporary exhibitions, guided tours, educational and theme games, as well as pedagogical and didactical workshops to the public of the schools and to the general public.

When requested, the Service assists students, teachers and educators in preparing guided tours and other activities.

All activities must be previously scheduled by telephone or e-mail, at least two weeks in advance. All bookings must be confirmed by the Cultural Extension Sector.

Bookings can be made:
Monday to Friday from 10.30h to 12.30h and 14.00h to 17.00h

The National Archaeological Museum also has pedagogical briefcases about its collections, available on request. Please address yourself to the Educational Service and Cultural Extension Sector, from Monday to Friday, from 10.30h to 12.30h and from 14.00h to 17.00h.

The Educational Service and Cultural Extension Sector has begun a new educational strategy, which includes guided tours, guided tours with dramatisation, educational and thematic games and pedagogical/didactic workshops. These activities are adapted to the visitors'age group and, whenever possible, try to highlight aspects related to school programmes.

Guided tours to exhibitions with dramatisation:
The guided tour is  interrupted at a given moment by a character related to the exhibition's theme, who will play out a short dramatisation to help clarify and strengthen the exhibition's discourse.

Educational and thematic games:
The games are presented as a playful strategy, in which particular importance is given to interaction and teamwork in acquiring new knowledge.

Pedagogical/didactic workshops:
Within a theoretical framework, resorting to visual display and the explanation of basic concepts, different activities, according to the theme of the exhibition in question, are offered to young people, to help them develop aesthetic sensibility and creativity.

The Cultural Extension Sector also provides different pedagogical actions for visitors with specific needs

educational service

Admission fees for the activities of the guided tours programme:



Learning workshops on Prehistory


Learning workshops on Prehistory
International Museum Day 2009 International Museum Day 2009

Oceans' Festival: portrait of Fernão Mendes Pinto

Oceans’ Festival: portrait of Fernão Mendes Pinto
Learning workshop: from the earth to the showcase


Learning workshop: from the earth to the showcase

You may book a guided tour through the following e-mail address:

Please await confirmation




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see exhibition "Egyptian Antiquities" 




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