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Supporting the Researchers

The National Archaeology Museum (MNA) is also a research centre open to all those who are interested in the study of its collections. The necessary authorization is given after the consideration of the respective request, which must be written, with the possible detail and formalized in an adequate form. All authorized researchers must respect the rules established for this purpose, and they may be granted some help (like working space and other working means) during the periods in which the respective authorizations are valid.

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Authorisation for the study of collections belonging to the MNA is granted upon submission of the application forms, where a detailed description must be given of the research: what is to be studied, research objectives, duration and an estimate of the time needed to complete the work. Finally, the name(s) and qualifications of the researchers and collaborators involved must also be given.

2. The MNA will establish with the applicant(s) deadlines relating to “scientific exclusivity” taking as a core consideration the progress of each stage of the research, defined for each particular case.

3. The applicant(s) must specify the specimen, collections or archaeological sites intended for study, since not all materials are yet fully catalogued. 

4. The applicant(s) must submit a copy of all the drawings made during the course of their study for the Museum archives. These drawings cannot be publicly disclosed, being subjected to the normal rules for scientific property.

5. A copy of all the descriptions of each specimen must be submitted to the Museum archives, as detailed in paragraph 3.

6. All photographs taken must comply with specified regulations.  

7. The Museum has the right to publish the results of the aforementioned research in its publications, in accordance with each specific case.

8. During the period of time indicated in 2., authorisations granted for the study of any collections may not deter, in principle, other researchers from having access to these, the latter being subject to an agreement between the applicant(s) and the Museum.

download [pdf] (21KB) Ask for the Study of Collections and General Rules for the Study of Collections in the MNA

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Vessel with cardial decoration Portrait head of a young woman - Julia (empress) Krater Torc Galician-Lusitanian warrior



Program of "Learning Roman Ceramics Hands-On"

Lab work during the first program of "Learning Roman Ceramics Hands-On" 

Lab work during the first program of "Learning Roman Ceramics Hands-On"

Regarding proper techniques and drafting tools used in archaeological drawing

Regarding proper techniques and drafting tools used in archaeological drawing

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